Aciphex Users Reviews

My husband constantly suffered from stomach pains, so much so that was just painful to look at him. I insisted on specialists’ help but he had long refused to go to the doctor until the last time it was not necessary to call an ambulance. He was diagnosed with GERD and prescribed Aciphex. What can I say? I helped. It really did. Frankly speaking, I didn’t trust this remedy, but it saved my husband’s stomach.


When I first faced gastro esophageal reflux, it was like nightmare – endless heartburn, chest pain, belching and pain while swallowing. I asked for my doctor’s help and he prescribed me Aciphex. Maybe my case was rather severe because I experienced relieve in a week after the first intake. I can advise this drug to me friends. It is effective.


I had suffered from stomach pains for 8 years and thought that it was normal, everybody did the same especially when they ate fatty or fried foods, or pastry or drank too much beer. But once I understood that my pains were getting worse. I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with gastro esophageal reflux disease. My wife bought medications and herb that didn’t help really. It was until I met my old friend – he was a doctor. It was him who advised me Aciphex. Almost a month had passed when I understood – there was no pain anymore.


Many people think that brewed herbal tea for stomach and other folk methods can help to cope with gastro esophageal reflux disease. Don’t believe in this stuff!!! I had tried dozens if not hundreds of methods for more than twenty years (my mom, then my husband and at last me experienced GERD). The remedy that really helps is called Aciphex. Almost all the members of my family have cured their stomachs with this medication.


When talking about gastro esophageal reflux disease, bear in mind that self-treatment doesn’t mean anything but a postponement – earlier or later you will have to visit a doctor and take some serious medication like Aciphex. It happened to me too. I tried to cope by myself with the help of herbs, tinctures and other methods, but in vain. I recommend you not to waste time and consult your doctor if you suspect gastro esophageal reflux disease. It isn’t a joke.


My problem was heartburn. I got it in the army – bad foods were the main cause. Then I read that gastro esophageal reflux disease often started with heartburn and looked for medical help. I consulted my physician and he prescribed me Aciphex. Yeah, it helped really quickly. It was easy to take the drug as I faced no side effects and allergies. Good-bye, annoying heartburn!


If you look at my medical card, you will be frightened. I have experienced so many gastroenterological illnesses that even cannot count them. Gastritis and heartburn reminded of themselves almost every day. They were my worst enemies. I couldn’t sleep at night, couldn’t eat almost anything. Moreover, I lost 80 pounds and looked like anorexic. The worst thing is that I had become very aggressive and couldn’t manage my emotions. My doctor prescribed me Aciphex. One month had passed and my friends couldn’t recognize me – I felt well and was in a good mood. This remedy is worth trying.


As for me, I like junk food. Pizza, hotdogs, carbonated drinks, beer and foods in McDonalds resulted in gastro esophageal reflux disease that spoiled my life. I suffered from heartburn and couldn’t sleep because of chest pain. My teeth started to crumble. I turned to the local medical center and was prescribed Aciphex. Now I don’t eat unhealthy foods and don’t even know how it feels to have a reflux. Thanx, Acophex.